Following Orders | Temple, TX Portrait Photographer

Today's my birthday! And this morning I got a birthday email from one of my best friends that said, "I expect to see pictures of you in a hat with a noisemaker blowing out candles on a colorful cake. Please make that happen." I don't think she thought I would do it, but that's where she would be wrong! I usually make a big deal out of my birthday, but this year I almost totally forgot about it until about a week ago. I'm actually celebrating my birthday tomorrow with my husband and some friends, but I had to do something today, so I decided to obey her command, so here are just some fun self-portraits on my birthday (a little out of focus, but I'm going with 'em).


And as always, someone started whining that they weren't getting enough attention, so I grabbed my little girl for some birthday shots.


Enjoy, Aubrey! I hope these lived up to your expectations!