Christ Church School Spring Gala | Temple, TX Photographer

I was invited to donate a photo session to this year's Spring Gala to raise funds for Christ Church School located in downtown Temple. I was thrilled to accept, especially since my friend Kristy's son goes to the school and she worked her butt off organizing it and making the whole thing come to life. I was so bummed I couldn't be there for the actual event (I so wanted to see everyone in their "cocktail attire with a Texas twist"), but I'm still glad I could contribute to their silent auction. And from what I heard, the night was an amazing success! Kristy allowed me to sneak in before the event to take some photos. Luckily I got there before there was an ATV sitting in front of my little display area. I mean, really, how could anyone compete with that? Ha! Congratulations, Kristy! You did a beautiful job. Now go treat yourself to something extravagant now that it's over!


My friend, Stacy, also donated a custom charcoal portrait for the silent auction. She is unbelievably talented, so I had to show off her work as well! Take a look at this portrait. The detail of the eyes... wow! Contact her for your custom charcoal portrait order!