In Love | Temple TX Couples & Family Photography

Congratulations, Andrea! You and your husband win sexiest, steamiest couple so far. I had to dedicate a whole post to some of your couples photos from your family shoot because they're just stunning! I have to admit I even got a little teary-eyed when I was proofing them, which I almost never do. Andrea and her husband were both amazing! I told them to get romantic and lovey, and wow, they didn't disappoint! These photos are just bursting with romance and passion.

I just had to post this first one a little larger for you because it's so gorgeous and dramatic:




I love this image above, BUT...


...this is the one that made me tear up. They look more in love than I would imagine they did even on their wedding day. I love that they look like they're in their own little world, and I adore seeing this sense of renewed and continuing love as they build their family and bring children into the world to love and care for as well. Such a beautiful thing to witness, and that's what this image says to me.



Check back in tomorrow to see a peek into the family portion of their session! I can't wait to show it to you!