Sweetness and Snails | Temple, TX Photographer

This was, without a doubt, one of the hardest times I've had picking and choosing what to show you of their session. And believe it or not, they have many, many more on top of this. I don't know how they're going to possibly choose, but it should be fun for them anyway! I know, I'm going to overwhelm you with photos, but I'm telling you, I had trouble narrowing it down this far! Let's all just pause though and take a look at how cute they're dressed. I love the colors and loose coordination! Andrea, you did such a great job choosing your wardrobe, but I knew you would!

I walked away from this session with some battle wounds on my legs, but it was so worth it! I will do anything to try to get a shot the second it's happening. Sometimes that means jumping into cacti-filled flowerbeds without looking (oh yes, I did), kneeling on rocks, climbing fences and walls, lying on the ground, and running into brush without stopping to think what could possibly be in it. Thank goodness I got my tetanus shot a few weeks ago!

The theme running through this session was snails, in case you can't tell! I love the family's interaction around their daughter's curiosity and interest in collecting and analyzing the different snails she encountered on our walk.

You can see some of their couples shots here.






And perhaps one of my favorite shots of the day...