My Baby | Temple, Texas Photographer

Six months old already. Wow. The thing is, I can't believe it was only six months ago that I had her (feels like a very long time ago), but at the same time I can't believe she's already sitting up and halfway through her first year of life. Sad! And yet it's so fun at the same time. So many mixed emotions that go along with this parenting gig. Everyone says to me, "I bet you take a ton of pictures of your baby, don't you?" But then I realized...lately I've been so busy with other people's family photos that I hadn't been taking as many as usual. So I pulled out the camera today to document her first days sitting up on her own and thought I'd squeeze some personal photos in between sessions here. She's still pretty wobbly but it's a big step.

I love the one where she's scrunching up her nose because this is so her lately. She scrunches up her nose and breathes really fast in and out her nose to whine at me. I think it's so cute, especially for a whine technique. I love this kid!