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Temple is a small(ish) town surrounded by huge cities, and I constantly hear people talking about going to Austin or Dallas to get their culture fix. But pretty soon, that will be easy enough right here in town. Enter: Art by the Glass.

When you attend Art by the Glass, you get to begin and finish a painting all in one night, taught expertly by the unbelievably, incredibly talented and skilled (I can't emphasize this enough) Geoff Kilgore. Bring some wine, eat some good food, and create a work of art all in one night.

I love that this is a class for self-professed artists and non-artists alike. Their sign is so great: "No talent required". Sounds like my kind of painting class! They'll even be hosting kids' birthday parties!

Co-owners and operators, Geoff Kilgore and Stacy Brocker, have created a beautiful and relaxing studio for Art by the Glass, and classes open to the public will be starting in a matter of weeks! Having witnessed their first class, I can tell you this is not something you should miss! I was truly honored to be involved in this project in any way and was so thrilled to take photos for their website and marketing.

Anyway, I'll get you more information as soon as they're up and running and I can get MY hands on more information. Meanwhile, enjoy these photos! Don't you want to just jump in and start painting? I know I do!

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