Real Life's Artwork | Central TX Photographer

Some of my favorite portraits I've ever taken I was never hired or asked to take, like the ones below and these ones where the dad had just gotten back from a 30-hour shift and his daughter was still in her pajamas. The subjects didn't get dolled up, no one was dressed in nice clothes, kids weren't told for days they were going to have photos taken, no one thought about what they'd look like on camera. They just went on doing what they were doing. I would love to be hired to "stealth shoot" a family's daily activities or even take photos of a family wearing their normal jeans and t-shirts without any coordination or thought whatsoever as to how they would look. I was on vacation in Ohio a few months ago and staying with one of my good friends. One morning, as she was just getting back from a run and sat down to read to her granddaughter, I ran and grabbed my camera. These are a few of the images I took, and I love them. They're so sweet, so full of personality, and so real. Real life is artistic and worthy of printing on canvases and displaying. Slowly but surely I want to show the rest of the world that.

baby by Central TX photographer