Grace Under Pressure | Temple, TX and Harker Heights, TX Portrait Photographer

Based on how calm and collected J looks, you would never guess that I took these photos after we found the most gigantic spider I've ever seen outside of a zoo sitting inches away from her, would you? And of course I handled it all with grace and poise like my lovely model is displaying here. Okay, so maybe I screamed like a little girl and yelled "SPIDER! MOVE!" in a panicked frenzy, swatted it into the lawn with a flip flop, and then got shivers every few minutes for the next fifteen minutes. But, hey, at least I managed to get it away! Holding one end of a flip flop and having a huge hairy spider scurrying like crazy on the other is much closer than I ever intended to get to a giant arachnid so I'm proud of myself for overcoming my fear for a few brief moments. Anyway, enough about that. I'm getting chills just thinking about it. Check out this lovely little preview from this morning's session.

woman portrait in window by Temple TX photographer