Proud and Humbled | Harker Heights, Salado, and Temple, TX Portrait Photographer

I love, love, love this whole shoot start to finish (continued from this preview). Unfortunately I'm only going to be sharing a very small amount of the photos here (the rest are saved for my lovely model only) but it hurts so much that I won't be sharing everything else. This session in particular took a lot of coordinating, preparation, and just a whole lot of everything. It feels so amazing when everything comes together and I can sit back at the end, take a deep breath, and realize that I'm doing exactly what I should be doing. I love my job. I love being creative and really seeing my progress with every new challenge. Every session takes a lot of planning and directing, but most of my sessions I'm capturing what's happening around me or just loosely directing people where I need them to be and then letting them be themselves in candid moments. This session, however, I orchestrated all the details, start-to-finish (made possible by several people's generosity) -- poses, outfits, lighting, location, even her very own make up artist for the big day-- so I was so thrilled and proud when it came together exactly how I planned and hoped, and in some ways better than I imagined. I even especially love the design work I did for her product order!

I feel so lucky and flattered that I was chosen to photograph this woman, and I can't thank her enough for jumping all in and really putting her faith in me and going with my ideas and requests. I feel so humbled by the trust she gave me; she completely let go. We got some amazing, amazing images for her because of it and had a really fun time in the process. I am so proud of her for all her accomplishments (she celebrated by spoiling herself with this session), and I truly had an unforgettable experience with this shoot. I'm so blessed to meet such unique and inspiring people through my work, and it's especially fun that I've had so many recently that feel like immediate friends.

portraits by Harker Heights TX photographer