Featured In-Home Product Display | Central TX Photographer

So, I'm starting this new thing where I feature some of my products in clients' homes to give future clients ideas on how to display my photographs as fine art in their own home. I wanted to start out with this beautiful display. Remember this couples' session I did last month? Well here are some of the beautiful products we created for them. They did an awesome job choosing their products. I was so excited to deliver everything to them and see the finished displays. First up are these two 20x30 fine art canvas gallery wraps in black and white. They have it in a cool place in their house where you can see it on both sides of the wall, thanks to the mirror on the other side!

Dallas TX photographer

Here are two 16x20 metallic prints in their bedroom.

Dallas Texas photographer

And a fun 4x6 print in their kitchen. Isn't that frame incredible? I love it.

Dallas Texas photographer