Another Canvas Gallery Wrap | Temple and Belton, TX Family Photographer

There is nothing more exciting for me than getting one of my fine art canvas gallery wraps in the mail, whether they're for me or my clients. They're just perfect -- the detail and sharpness in the photos, the bold rich colors, the amazing canvas quality, the perfect skin tones. Mmm, I'm in love. The professional imaging lab I work with almost exclusively is truly the best. They ain't cheap but there are about ten thousand reasons why, and I wouldn't be happy with anything less than the quality they produce. This is a photo that my sister Lesley took of my little family for once! I LOVE it. It's so us. The poor girl had to deal with us running around after our one year old like lunatics and had sore arms the next day from holding my massive camera equipment, but I hope she agrees it was worth her pain. I definitely think it was worth her pain. ;-) Every time I walk into my living room, I admire my new artwork.

This is a 28" x 40" custom sized canvas. I have a pretty average sized fireplace, so that gives you an idea on size as well. Everything sounds huge until you put it against a bare wall. Then suddenly it seems so tiny.

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