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In the middle of January, my sister was here visiting me, and so I forced my 500 pound camera onto her and told her she was our photographer for the day. I had missed getting our whole family for our Christmas card, but I really wanted some to display around our house. So I patted her on the back and wished her well. It was a total disaster in many ways, most of them relating to my stubborn one year old running in the opposite direction 90% of the time, and my husband and I being probably the worst subjects in the world. Our dog was definitely the best behaved. I had a new sympathy for my clients. It's a whole different experience being in front of the camera than it is being behind it, especially when you're trying to wrangle a toddler.

She did a great job if I do say so myself. I took care of her camera settings for her and got to proof and edit them myself the way I like, but she did awesome with composition and was a good sport for taking them for us. She also took many of the photos of me that I use around the site (like the front page and two on the About page). She has great compositional style. Photography does tend to run in our family. I keep trying to convince her to come out here for good to be my apprentice/assistant, but so far she prefers living and working in Yosemite National Park to the natural beauties of Temple, Texas. She's a strange one, I know.

These were my favorites, and we ended up getting the last one in a 28x40 gallery wrap for our home which I swoon over every day.

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