Check Out The New Digs! | Temple, Texas Family and Child Lifestyle Photography

Temple Harker Heights Belton Central Texas TX Welcome to the new look of Shannon Hunt Photography! Take a look around. Stay awhile. I hope you like it because I absolutely love it! It's so much more me and my style, and I'm just really happy with the overall feel of it. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

I had really been wanting to redesign and revamp my logo and overall look for a long time because I just didn't feel at home with the previous look. It was fine, but it wasn't me. I've had ideas in mind for a long time, and I wanted something completely original and custom, but I needed help creating them from scratch and enhancing my own ideas.

Back in the day, I knew a girl named Melissa Esplin (well, she had a different last name back then, but you get the picture) and knew she was a graphic designer and talented artist. Now she has an awesome site (check it out) talking about fashion, design, calligraphy, food, and lots of other stuff, so I was able to keep up with her work through the interwebs and knew she'd be able to create some awesome graphics for me to implement into my new look and site.

Not only did she do an awesome job on the final graphics, but she was so pleasant to work with. She was so great about listening to my thoughts and rambling emails and goals and ideas and opinions and changes and working collaboratively with me on the project. It was probably more collaborative than she ever intended, and I really appreciate how flexible she was, and how much she wanted to really make it my style and fulfill all the goals I had in mind when starting the project.

Since getting the graphics I've been working my butt off every day until wee hours of the morning finishing all the technical web design craziness and designing all my print materials with my new look. It's been quite a week, but I can't wait to start using them all now. I'm really looking forward to the change. Hope you like it!