My Wild Child

I love this girl's smile. (In this case, this girl just happens to be my girl.)

She has a ton of spirit, which she uses for both good and evil (hello, public tantrums).

She's 18 months old and just started really talking lately, and the sound of her little words coming out of her mouth is the most amazing sound I've ever heard. She's so proud of herself, and it's so fun hearing her practice talking, like when she was holding an old flip cell phone to her cheek this morning while pacing around the house and saying, "Hello! Hi!" and saying, "Buh bye!" before she closed the phone and smiled proudly at me.

She's been saying new words everyday, and this evening she even surprised me by saying, "Hi Turkledog!" as our dog walked past the bathroom door after her bath. What?! Where did that come from? She still seems to have trouble with some single syllable words but then busted out that four syllable phrase! I guess she hears that a lot around here.

Oh yeah....she also has a new favorite storage facility for her index finger.