Baby Bump | McKinney, Texas Maternity & Newborn Photography

This shoot had a lot of adventures for one short session. In the first five minutes when we were in this field, I felt my eyes start tearing up. That happens to me sometimes when I shoot, but this was a little ridiculous. My eyes suddenly started pouring, my nose started running, and my beautiful first impression with my clients was of me wiping my nose with a face covered in mascara. Lovely. I've never had allergies before, but clearly I was affected. A few minutes later, we were followed by a sickly dog. Someone may have petted him before we realized how sickly it really was. Luckily I always have hand sanitizer in my car. Problem solved. But then a few minutes after that I was shooting and felt something on my foot. I looked down and my entire foot was covered with fire ants, some of them managing to make their way up my thighs before I realized they were even there. I even brushed a couple off my arm and have bites all over my foot and one even on my finger. Ouch!

Thank goodness that was the end of the adventures and the rest of it was a bit more peaceful and fun. Enjoy previewing some of their images!

I LOVE this photo below. I had him put his hand on her belly, so he did that and then inched his fingers down her belly like an inchworm and held her thumb. Ahh! Love it!

Isn't this spot awesome? We kept marveling at how, for about 1/8 of a mile, it felt like we weren't in Texas. Except for the humidity and unearthly heat at eight o'clock in the morning, of course.